Daftar Lagu Korea Paling Sedih Terbaru

Daftar Lagu Korea Paling Sedih - Sebelumnya admin sudah memposting lagu barat yang sedih dan romantis, jadi kali ini admin akan berbagi info tentang lagu korea yang sedih nan romantis dan pastinya dapat menemani kegalauanmu. Langsung saja kita cek!! Siapkan tissuemu dan mulailah mengingat mantanmu. Kecapin!! 

Berikut Daftar Lagu Korea Paling Sedih:

1. If (OST. Hong Gil Dong) by: Taeyeon
2. Because It's You by: Davichi
3. Remember Me by: Gavy NJ
4. Cry For Love by: Davichi
5. Under The Moonlight (OST. The Moon Embrace The Sun) by: Heora
6. I'm Alone by: Tiffany
7. Eyes Nose Lips by: Tablo
8. Crying Again by: Moon Myung Jin
9. Painful (OST. Wild Romance) by: Dong Soo
10. Don't Forget Me by: Huh Gak
11. That Man by: Hyun Bin
12. Perhaps Love (OST. Goong) by: J and Howl
13. Because Tears are Overflowing  by: Jessica
14. Reason (OST. Endless Love) by: Jung iL Young
15. Beautiful Pain (OST. A Gentleman's Dignity) by:Kim Min Jong
16. Saranghaeyo (OST. Sassy Girl Chun Hyang) by: Kim Hyung Seob
17. Love is Punishment (OST. Brilliant Legacy) by: K.Will
18. Tears (OST. Endless Love) by: Lee Hong Rae
19. Goodbye My Princess (OST. Princess Prosecutor) by: Monday Kiz
20. Without Words (OST. You're Beautiful) by: Park Shin Hye
21. What Should I Do (OST. You're Beautiful) by: Park Da Ye
22. You and I are Stupid (OST. Goong) by: Stay
23. Missing You Like Crazy (OST. King 2 Hearts) by: Taeyeon
24. Sincerely (OST. Endless Love) by: Yoon Chang Gun
25. Here I Am (OST. Secret Garden) by: Yoon Sang Hyun
26. Can You Hear Me (OST. Beethoven Virus) by: Taeyeon
27. Closer (OST. To The Beautiful You) by: Taeyeon
28. No Matter How I Think About It (OST. Alone in Love) by: Sweer Sorrow
29. You Don't Know About Love (OST. Working Mom) by: Sunny
30. Can't Let Go (OST. 49 Days) by: Seo Ypung Eun
31. Tears are Falling (OST. 49 Days) by: Shin Jae
32. From The Beginning Until The End (OST. Winter Sonata) by: Ryu Shi Won
33. Words That Hard To Say by: Lee Seung Gi
34. Real Love Song (OST. The Greatest Love) by: K. Will
35. Sora's Song (OST. Wedding Dress) by: Kim Hyang Gi
36. I Told You Wanna Die by: Huh Gak
37. You Wouldn't Answer My Call by: 2AM
38. Like Being Hit by A Bullet by: Baek Ji Young
39. Spring I Love You Best (OST. A Gentleman's Dignity) by: Big Baby Driver
40. Sad Love Song by: Cho Eun
41. I Think I (OST. Full House) by: Byul
42. Because It's Still You (OST. Wild Romance) by: Byul
43. It Has To Be You (OST. Cinderella's Sister) by: Yesung
44. After A Long Time Has Passed (OST. Rooftop Prince) by: Baek Ji Young
45. Because You're My Everything (OST. Bachelor Vegeta) by: Na Yoon Kwon

Demikianlah Daftar Lagu Korea Paling Sedih. Semoga admin masih dapat membantu anda di artikel lainnya. 


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